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Henry Dorsett Case

"It’s time to take back control."

A former console cowboy turned politician, Henry Case is the man to lead Night City. Far too long have the mega corporations ruled the day to day operations of Night City. This way of life is unsustainable. You have vast wealth inequality and those unfortunate enough to be at the bottom rung of metaphorical ladder are more or less left to die. This is a way of life that cannot go on.

Vote Henry Case for mayor of Night City. No longer will our city officials be lining their pockets with whatever bribes they're receiving. Our city deserves someone with the integrity to do the right thing for our city regardless what his pay might be.

With Henry Case as mayor, the power is returned to the hands of the people. With Henry Case as mayor, YOU HAVE THE POWER.


Cyber Collateral

Style Guide

The foundation in which all other collateral are based from. Includes logos, color palette, and various fonts that could be used in one way or another. The style for this is based around a 70s idea for what the future would be. Colors are inspired by the amber and green displays of early computers from that era.

Campaign Poster

A bit of printed propaganda to help push the people of Night City to vote for Henry Case. 

T-Shirt Design

A simple shirt design made to be easily reproduced and distributed throughout Night City. 

+10 to style!


An 8.5"x11"magazine that is meant be be set in the universe of the book. Includes Q&A interview with Henry Case. Layout and design based on WIRED magazine.

Button Mockups

Some simple round buttons for the campaign utilizing Henry Case's logos and campaign slogan. Can be made in various sizes.

Cyberdeck Headset Mockup

Cyberdecks are used in the Neuromancer universe to explore the cyberspace of the Matrix. This is an interpretation that I intended to use to play a motion graphic for my candidate.


Art Direction & Production


4"x 6" postcards printed in both English and Japanese, the most prevalent languages in Night City.